The start

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So the week 1 of classes had started. There's a lot of people in my class. With 2 groups combined for classes, that makes a total of 77 students. Out of 77 students, almost half of it is from Malacca. Hahaha! That's a lot!

Most classes are just intro of the subjects I'm taking. Boring~~~*yawn* Nothing much happened during that week. Mmm....except for crushes. Hehehe~ Well, I guess it's normal for me to *edited*. As usual, they come and go. Those feelings, they came like an instant, made me pondered for sometime and silently they left me. *edited*

Enough of my rant I guess. Hehe~ Oh, did I mentioned I need to sit for MUET? It's a compulsory for every student. I get a hint of how MUET speaking would be like during General English class. All of us had to go in front of the class to present something and then there's group presentation. All I know is I was just stammering all the way. Sometimes, I don't even know what I'm talking because I stammered too much. Oh no......OH NO!!! How am I going to survive? As for assignments, there's loads of them already even though it's just the first week. Damn!

Ok, that's enough. It's time for me to sleep already.
Oh ya....I'll be updating my blog at least once a week( I'll try my best ) as my hostel line is super slow. It seems like I'll be updating my diary for most of the time.

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