Random Video - Princess Mononoke Theme

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hey everyone! I've been on Youtube watching random videos out of boredom once again. Eh, I'm actually not that bored. I'm just trying to delay my time to study. You know procrastination? That's my hobby. LOL!

There's always the fun part in watching random videos on Youtube. You wouldn't know what you'll find next. Maybe it's something disgusting, maybe it'll be sad, or just a trolling video.

Here's a video of a talented young lady, Taylor Davis, playing the Princess Mononoke Theme with her violin, collaborated with Tamathps. I find this piece of music extremely pleasing to my ears, so I've uploaded the video here to share it with you guys.

Oh, do you know Princess Mononoke is a Studio Ghibli film directed by Hayao Miyazaki who also directed the Academy Award winning film Spirited Away?

I got excited to watch Princess Mononoke after listening to this music theme. I'll definitely watch it and let you guys know AFTER MY EXAMS!!


Whee~ I'll be able to do this trick with the new Malaysian 50sen coins and turn into no face. Haha!


  1. nice video it is interesting to see one who has great talent

  2. I'm happy that you enjoyed the music like I do. ^^ Yeah, great talents absolutely worth the attention.

  3. Love Ghibli films! Interesting video ^^

  4. I love Ghibli films too especially Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. ^^


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