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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey, look! She is so pretty! Oh, he is so handsome!
''Looks! Is it really that important?'' I asked myself over and over again.
It gives a first impression to other people of how we behave, our characters and so on.

There are 2 types of beauty in this world. The outer beauty and inner beauty.
Outer beauty is the appearance whereas inner beauty is from the character of oneself.
I am always confused in deciding which is more important. Inner or outer?

Those who look beautiful always have a better opportunity in almost everything they do as they always look good. People seems to worship them just because of their beauty without really knowing them. This kind of thought always irritates me and makes me want to be beautiful too.

Inner beauty will only be noticed after a long period of time. People with inner beauty spread their beautiness slowly and steadily without rushing. Their beauty will slowly grow in others.

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