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Friday, November 9, 2012

My days have been so busy recently even though I'm just at the beginning phase of the trimester that I have to question myself, "Am I in the right course? Should I continue?"

Actually, I've repeatedly asked myself the same question over and over again. Should I just change? Why don't I just change? I can study anything else, banking and finance, marketing, international business, ...... anything easier than accounting. Why still stick to accounting like it's the only option? It's still not too late to change my mind.

But, if I change, then what? Is it the best for me? Is that what I want? Is it guaranteed to be easier? Do I have to waste another year to start another course all over again? I think and think and rethink and finally, I decided: "I tahan la. I have to finish what I have started. All I have to do is just shout TAHAN! TAHAN! for another 4 years and everything will be over."

Anyway, it was a busy day today, rushing around for classes and completing tutorials. Rush, rush, rush and finally, when all those annoying tasks are over and I can finally let myself rest, somebody called.

It was someone from the exam unit department.

"Hello. I'm miss XXX calling from ERU."
"I want to inform you that we cannot register you in the tutorial group BM120F because that group is not in the operating system."
"We cannot register you because it's not in the operating system. You have to choose other group."
"But...but that's the only group I can attend since other groups are already full or have clashes and I just attended the class just now. No problem ar....only few people...."
"You come here. It'll be easier to explain."
*Explain what? You already said it's the system's problem. So explain what? Explain that........mmu system sucks?*

So I had to walk all the way to ERU and luckily they had a good reason for that. Okay's not fully the system's fault. I'm partially at fault too for stating my lecture section as 121(old) instead of 120(new) because.....because.........*sigh* long story! Don't want to bore you guys so let's move on. In the end, everything turned out fine and I'm a happy girl again!

Got home today and saw something on my table. 

A letter for me? That's rare.

So it's a letter from Google eh..... A scam I guess? Well, better than nothing at all. I used to receive many scam letters from Readers Digest when I was subscribed to it two years ago. My gosh......those were really annoying!

Let's see what I have here......

It's actually a letter encouraging me to use Google Adwords and there's an offer for that. So, what is Adwords about?'s hard to explain and I don't want to explain it because I don't understand and I'm not really interested at it.

 Thanks Google anyway for the offer but no thanks.

So this is it. You've reach the end. Thanks for reading my blog and good day! Wishing you......

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