A new beginning

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the start of the A-levels course, I already took it as a start of a new journey, a new beginning of my life. A whole new chapter. A wanted to make my parents and most importantly myself proud. I wanted to be proud of what I have done for myself. After all those sweat, tears and hardship. I have never had those kind of feelings before. I promised to do my best but look what a mess I have done? I wasted much of my time online and shopping that I don't have time to do any revision. :(

I went to the Popular bookstore, thinking of buying a notepad or something encouraging but I ended up leaving the bookstore bare-handed.

Despite facing much problems on my way to success, I know I can achieve what I aimed for, if my determination and will is strong enough. All I need is sacrifice. Am I willing to sacrifice my play time for study?

Ker Loon, always remember that if you do your best, there will be no regrets. Always Gambateh!! Fight fight!!

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