Stay strong!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Know what kind of scene in a movie or drama always makes me cry? It was when the character in a movie managed to stay strong and smile no matter how bad the situation is. I am envious and always wanted to be someone who is strong enough to hold back all the tears and sorrows.

Sometimes, I feel so down I wanted to breakdown and cry. I feel so insecured. No confidence at all to face the coming exam. Time is running short. So many things I don't know and I am expected to know them well already. Despite all these, I've decided to be like the strong character in a movie. Stay strong, smile and move on. Life goes on after all.

I'll try my best from now on no matter what happens. There's no harm to give my very best because I believe if I do so, everything will turn out right and there will be no regrets. Cheers!

Stay strong, smile and move on. Always believe in myself!

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