8/8/12: Wednesday blues

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Assignments, assignments, assignments! Studies, studies and studies?! Such is the pathetic life as a student. When will these never ending boredom stop?!

I just had 2 'awesome' exams today. Felt so tired, almost KO after the exams. So I decided to chill in my room. Somehow, my awesome mind decided that there wasn't any class this evening until my housemate asked: "You got no more class already ah?"

"Yeah!" I replied, and suddenly I remembered something. Quickly, I search for my timetable and glimpse through it. Gosh! I missed a class!!! doh.gif

WTH is going on with my mind?

*sigh* Load of assignments are still waiting for me to kick their ass.

Assignments!! Let me kick your asses and fly sky high!

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