Real Steel: moral value

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey, have you watched Real Steel? Yes. Real Steel the movie.

My sister and her boyfriend went to watch this movie yesterday because of it's many positive reviews and so I tagged along too.

That movie isn't that awesome like I hoped for or that exciting like some people described. I would say the movie is good, not awesome. Maybe robot boxing isn't mind blowing enough for me.

So, you've watched the movie? Did you learned something?

Most movies try to deliver some kind of moral value to the viewers and so did Real Steel.

Did the little boy win in the end? No. But he was ecstatic.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose in the end. It is the process that matters. Like our lives. Joy is not found in finishing something but by doing it.

No matter how many lemons life gave you, endure it. Do you best, enjoy and you're sure to love the outcome.

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