Maggi mee for dinner~

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's a hectic day today. Running around the university to attend classes, video shooting and meeting.

At last, when all the business ended, when I thought I can finally take a nice bathe and have a rest, the rain came like a king, preventing me from strolling back to my hostel. No, I didn't even have the chance to stroll at all. The rain was too heavy. There wasn't just rain but with clashing thunder too. It was a thunderstorm. All I can do was just stood there like a refugee, waiting for a kind person to send me back.

I was happy that my friend's aunt agreed to send me back to my hostel and so here I am now.

It is still raining heavily right now except that the thunder had gone away (thank god!!).

I did not get to have my dinner at the usual restaurant I always go as I wanted to avoid the heavy rain. When the rain had subsided, I went to the mini market just right opposite my hostel and grabbed a cup of instant noodle.

Woohoo!! Instant noodle for dinner tonight. Yeah!

Excitedly, I looked around the cup, finding for instructions on how to cook this cup instant noodle. No matter how I search, I couldn't find it. Then it dawned on me. Argh! So stupid of me! Cooking cup instant noodle is the easiest thing ever. Even toddlers know. Just pour hot water, wait for a few minutes, put in the sauce given and done.

Damn. I'm so dumb. T^T

Yes. It's my first time eating cup noodles. LOL! LOL! LOL!

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