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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whenever I'm bored, I went stalking on Facebook (you don't? you're weird.....hahaha!). Okay,'s not exactly stalking. It's actually what I call friends'-picture-reviewing moments. So yeah, I'm not a stalker. Don't be afraid arrr........hahahaha!!!

So during me so called picture-reviewing moments, I realised that most people have their original pictures (mostly selcas....a.k.a self-captured picture) edited or photoshopped before uploading them for the world to see.

In awe of their awesome photo editing skills, I went to search for some free photo editing sites and found a handful of them. *gasp*

There's picnik, pizap, befunky, fotoflexer, lunapic and much more.

As I said I was bored, I visited every site and played with it, trying to produce a somehow awesome picture through trial and error. (It's my first time!!)

My favourites are fotoflexer, picnik and befunky.

All of them have similar but different editing functions.

Both picnik and fotoflexer have blemish fixing functions (which is a must for me XD) but picnik's is better compared to fotoflexer.

Each photo editor have their own pros and cons. It's up to you to decide which is best for you.

Tadaa~~ Here are the results of my experiment. :P


After using picnik's blemish fix and exposure being altered:

With befunky HDR effect:



I hope my editing skills isn't that bad. I love the effect of underpainting. Lovely!

Btw, there's a morphing funtion in fotoflexter. I tried and.......EPIC FAIL!!! I don't dare to save the result of morphing as I looked like a mutant. A horrible mutant, uglier than the shrek. T^T

Anyway, I'll try to improve on my morphing skills (and maybe share it by the end of 2011?). Just wait and see. LOL!

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