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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The weather is getting hotter and hotter nowadays even though it's monsoon season now. There's the occasional rain and storm every now and then but I still feel like it's a HOT HOT SUMMER~~

Frankly speaking, this song didn't catch my attention at all the first time I listened to it. I just love the their cute-funky colored outfits. It really gives the mv a splash of cheerful colors.

My first impression?
Ahh......not addictive at all. Why are they winning awards for this song?

I was wrong.

Days later, the song suddenly popped up and got stucked in my head. The next thing, I found myself automatically singing: "Hot summer~ A hot,hot summer~" over and over again. Just like any of their songs, it's annoying the first time but got addictive afterwards.

I still couldn't understand how every korean idol can dance in those killer heels and still look good. Anyway, the dance is cute but rather complicated (as usual for a noob like me).

My 2 favourite f(x) members:


As cute as always!

And Victoria~

As beautiful as always!

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