A nervous-for-nothing day

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I was suppose to have my 3 minutes speaking challenge today and I thought I can be free after that but... T_T it's time's up when my turn was near. Hz.......I was so nervous for nothing. Sat in the small cold room shivering, I waited patiently but nervously for my turn to come but who knows.........there isn't enough time.

Then Mrs. Pearl said:"I need to be fair to all the students. Those who have not come out, you will be speaking in front of the class for the next lesson together with PM02."

OMG!!! That means I'll be speaking in front of 83 people?!! OMG! OMG!! OMG!!! I'm so gonna freak out!!! T______T Curse my luck la~~~ yyoooorrrr!!!!!!! I thought I can sing freely without any burden tomorrow. Maybe god thinks I'm not prepared enough for the challenge(Indeed I am). XD

I'm going to Celcius ktv this Friday night!!! Woohoo~~ It's my dad's suggestion to have a karaoke session. Wah.....so high ah?? XD LOL!

How I wish to forget all about those assignment and quizzes that seems to be no end at all. Holidays, oh holidays, I can't wait for you to come. I miss you! Haha!!

My facebook homepage is full of post of people expressing their relieve, happiness and satisfaction after getting their A-level results. It seems like everyone got straight A's and some even higher. This makes we wonder: Is it that easy to score straight A's? Or they've suddenly become really smart?

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