Which korean idol is beautiful?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My mum looked at me this morning while I was busy preparing myself for the speaking challenge that I'd be having during english class(which eventually didn't get to) and commented:" What's with your hair? Don't you want to make yourself look more presentable?"


She continued :"As a girl, you must know how to dress up and make up to make yourself look better."

Ngek...ngek...ngek....okay. I know exactly what she meant but I just don't know where, when and how to start. Tomorrow? Next week? Next month? LOL

Of course it's every girl's dream to look pretty, beautiful and gorgeous and let every girl and guy go crazy about them. It's a fact. Any girl who disagrees with me isn't a girl.

Okay, let's just skip my part.

As a huge fan of kpop, I'll like to introduce my list of pretty korean idols.

I'm sure you guys heard of or know about a famous korean idol girl group called Girl's Generation.


Years ago when I first know about this group, it was when they're promoting their mini-album song 'Gee'. It's a popular song I'm sure all of you have heard before. Back then, I thought all of them were ugly. I was like 'Ewww.....' LOL! Eyesight problem? But the more I looked at them, the more I fall for their beauty. Still, I don't think all of then are pretty. Hehehe~

The most beautiful of them I would say is Tiffany.

Rumors spread about her having plastic surgery before debut. Well, who cares she got surgery or not. It's a common thing in Korea anyway. I just love the way she looks...(after surgery?) especially her eye-smile. It's very captivating.

Second would be Yuri~

Though at first sight she really does look like Yoona. In fact, all the members looked alike at first sight. I'm serious.

Coming up third is After School's Nana! (I know....weird group name)

Well, I can't think of any more so I'll just stop at these top 3.
Wait, how about T-ara?

Hyomin? Jiyeon? Eunjung? Err....I don't know. Again, similar faces. One thing for sure is I admire their hair. I want their hair!! My hair sucks!!! T^T

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