A special day

Thursday, August 18, 2011

For chinese, red is an auspicious colour. It also means luck. That's why we only distribute red packets and not packets of any other colours like green, black or blue. Green packet is only used by malays while black is a very inauspicious colour for the chinese.

Red also means luck too.(well, I think so....something like that) What I'm trying to say is I'm feeling lucky and happy today.

When I walked towards the university entrance, I met some of my classmates and they told me that the speaking test today was cancelled. Woohoo!! No english class today!

Happily, I walked away after saying goodbye and searched for my new maths classroom. I walked up the stairs and as I turned a corner, *boom* someone was standing there and I almost banged into him. Eyes widen out of shock, it seems like I stared at him for a little too long. He looked at me and gave an awkward smile. I was like 'oh.....', flash back a faint awkward smile and flee!! LOL!! Eh, wait......wasn't he the guy who's walking in front of me just now? Why was he standing there alone at such a place where there's nobody around? Suspicious~~~ He kinda looked like a pervert. Pfffftt......Hahaha!!! LOL!!

Finally, I reached the 3rd floor and found my class. I thought I was early but there were some people who were even earlier than me. However, I'm still among those early birds. So proud of myself~~ Hahha!! For half an hour, I sat there like an idiot waiting for the class to start.(The lecturer was not even there. I wonder if she knew about the change of location of the class.) In the end, all of us left the class and assumed the class was cancelled. :P

That means I have no classes today. YAY!!! Err....wait, what should I do next?? Just then, a friend who is a group member of the accounting assignment asked if I would like to join her for lunch. Yay! I won't be having lunch alone today. Little did I know that I'll not be having lunch together with her but also with her gang.

As usual, especially if you're to have lunch or dinner with your friends, the most difficult question to answer is :" Where to eat?!". We walked undecidedly all around Jusco food court and finally entered Hailam Kopitiam. It's funny that we segregated each other between girls and guys during lunch. The girls will be talking among themselves while the guys will be in their own world. I ordered hailam nasi lemak(actually I've forgotten the name of the dish I ordered.....hehe ^^) because it's the cheapest dish I can find in the food menu. ONLY rm6.80. Nonetheless, I love the dish. The rice has a nice aroma of ginger and lemongrass cooked in it and goes well with the chili sauce that comes along.

Actually my friend and I were suppose to discuss about the assignment after lunch but decided to postpone it because we're too lazy. LOL! Our shopping mood was turned on once we stepped into the Jusco shopping mall. Nah......we just walked around for a few minutes and went back after that.

I don't really know what I'm happy about. Is it because there's no classes today? Or I'm simply happy because I'm starting to like my life in MMU? I don't know. All I know is today is an extraordinary special day and that's what makes me happy.

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