Dear diary

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is a post dedicated to my dear diary that has been following me for 3 years since 2009. A book that silently accepts whatever event and feelings I've recorded in it. Although I do post events too in this blog as it's known as my 2nd diary, an i-diary but there are some events and feelings that I couldn't share with everyone because they're too personal.

Tadaa~~ this is my loyal diary. ^_^ ( looks kinda dirty and worn out. Let me clean it. Hehe~)

Here you go. It looks a lot better after cleaning it.

Here's a sneak peak. LOL!

Happy times, dear diary. Sad times, dear diary. Frustrated times, dear diary. Angry times, dear diary. Almost everything under the sky is written in it. Well, most of them are secrets. Hehehe~ I felt a lot at ease every time I lay my handwritings in it. I guess this is the magic a diary can do.

I don't really know when exactly I started to develop my interest in writing diary (and blogging too...). It seems weird for someone to have a blog and diary and loves both at the same time because most of my friends don't. Ahh.......who cares.

Lastly, a picture of me and my diary. XD

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