I'm so nervous

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm just like a nervous little kid sitting in front of the computer playing games thinking it would ease my nervousness. Its my driving test tomorrow.

I went for my last practice today and did not well. Not because I forgot the steps. I just couldn't control the steering well. Its either turned too fast or too slow.

There were other people who were practising too. All of them looked confident and well practiced ........except me. I was the only one who banged 4 poles in a row. Crash! Cling! Clang! LOL! My instructor was like :"Aiyoo.....this girl! What are you doing eh? Har?!" All eyes on me. How embarrassing! T^T

I got panic after that and almost banged another car. And then came another shout in my ear again. "Eh, drive safely la! Aiyoo...you ah!" T^T

That was a nightmare for me. I don't want any of this to happen to me tomorrow. It will be super embarrassing if it does.

So I'm praying hard that everything goes smooth tomorrow. I really wanted to pass. I'm believing the impossible right now. LET ME PASS! ^^

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