JPJ driving test

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm worried about my driving test which is next Thursday, especially on the road test.

Its all because I nearly got into an accident today. =( I was driving at 50km/hour and was about to change my lane from left to right. I put my signal, slowed down and looked into the side-mirror. When I was about to enter the right lane, this license P car behind me didn't slow down. Instead it increased its speed and cut passed me. It almost banged my car!!! O.O!!!

I'm not sure if thats totally my fault or the others. Maybe I didn't slowed down my car enough. But that car is wrong to speed up when saw the car in front is trying to cut in.

That means I have to be extra careful when I'm on the road, especially next Thursday. I'm going to pray and hope that everything goes well on that day. I don't want this kind of incident to happen or else I'll fail.

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