Exam period

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've been busy bonding with accounting notes for the past few days.

Yes. Just accounting although I have a total of 5 subjects for finals.

I admit that I didn't work hard for group dynamics, english and maths. I didn't even care to do my best preparation for it so if ever I get bad results, I guess I'm prepared for it already.

As for accounting, I can't forgive myself for screwing up my final exam paper when I have prepared myself for days for it. Hzzz.........

Accounting, it's a subject that I'm still confused with. It seems easy yet confusing. However, I don't hate accounting. Instead, I'm starting to like it. The imbalanced accounts makes it challenging for me to balance them but I'm always ready for the challenge. The satisfaction that I feel whenever I successfully balance an account is rewarding. I guess this satisfaction is what makes me like accounting.

I've finally understand why the most popular phrase that comes out from other people's mouth when they talk about accounting is 'debit.... credit.... debit.... credit.....'. Because it is all just about debit and credit. As simple as that yet confusing at times. *sigh* Super annoying!

Ahhh!!! Forget about it. A few more days left until the last paper, economics, and I'll be chilling at home for 2 weeks after that. Woohoo!!

This is a song that I've recently got caught up with.

Here is another ultimate emo song by Lee So Ra, covered by Taeyeon!

I love her cover version than the original version probably because I like her soothing voice. I think she sings well though some people commented about not being emotional enough. My opinion though.

Check out the original version.

Lee So Ra is the woman who sang at the beginning and Park Hyo Shin is the guy that completes the other half of the song. This song is a solo but it appears to be a duet in this video.

LOL! You can literally hear the girls scream the moment Park Hyo Shin starts to sing.

So which version do you prefer?

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