I'm so confused!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ahh...there it goes again.
Study,study & study......never ending.
My brain is full of things right now that I think my head is gonna burst.
Trying to memorize those history facts that I can't even remember for a day is the thing that I hated the most.
I am still thinking if I should further my studies in Sunway?
My parents want me to study accounting although I know nothing about account since I didn't study it in Form 4. What do you think?
My cousin told me that it doesn't matter because he doesn't take account too. Yet he studied for account after form 5 and still find it quite easy.
Hmm...does anyone know anything about actuarial science because I am quite interested in it.
Please give me advice whether to choose accounting or actuarial science.

One thing for sure is I still love Super junior!!!
Always Leeteuk, Sungmin & K.R.Y!!!
Haha...total 6 people.
I'm so greedy!

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