Learning new language: Korean

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy moments, hurtful moments, embarrassing moments, etc. Whatever it is, just remember one thing. Life still goes on as per normal. If you're happy, cherish that moment. It'll turn into a sweet memory someday. If you're sad, just remember that soon it'll become a history so why bother so much? Shrug it off and move on!

Panorama effect of Melaka river capture from Garden99.

I'm currently in my last semester, a short semester with only 2 subjects. It's not a busy semester but I'm not that relaxed either. Well, stupid people like me wouldn't feel relaxed unless it's a HOLIDAY! =D

One of the subjects taken this semester is korean language. The other is a boring subject: marketing. ZZzzz...... Korean language isn't that hard for me probably because I've learned to pick up and understand some korean words while watching korean drama and also listening to korean songs. But! It's still very confusing sometimes because it's still a new language to me. A~ E~ OE~ O~ OI~ WI~ WE~~~ @@

Why did I choose to learn korean language you ask?

OK. Let me tell you why.

1.) I love to watch korean drama and movies.

I don't want to be left rolling on the floor waiting for english subtitles, dying to know what the actors are saying. It's really annoying when you feel so excited that the drama you're currently addicted to has just released a new episode but there's no english subtitle. It just makes you wanna bang the wall!

2.) I still listen to korean songs.

Although I'm not a kpop addict anymore, I still keep an eye on my favourite band & singers and listen to their releases. I love korean ballads especially and would want to understand the meaning so that I can feel the feelings the singers are trying to deliver through their songs. Songs from Baek Ji Young, Davichi, Super Junior K.R.Y and Taeyeon are always on my list.

Taeyeon has recently released another OST for That Winter, The Wind Blows. OMG I'm so happy! Have you listened?

  OMG I wanna hug her after listening to this.

I don't know if it's just me or I'm too sensitive or what but I love Taeyeon's voice so much I'll tear a little whenever I listen to her songs even when I'm in a happy mood. How nice if I'm able to attend her concert and watch her sing all her osts live.

3.) Visit Korea someday, maybe?

It'll be good if I can visit Korea someday in the future to experience their culture. Maybe I'll take a walk around their historical palace and take a picture of myself wearing hanbok since I love watching sageuk drama so much. Maybe I'll go there for a shopping haul trip. Perhaps if I'm lucky, I'll be there to attend SNSD concert or SMtown concert and meet my favourite idols Taeyeon and Super Junior. Wakakaka~
Oh Super Junior.....I can still recall the day when I attended their concert Super Show 2 in Malaysia. It feels like a dream come true!

So those are my 3 reasons. Anyway.....anyway.......Let me tell you something.

My dreams are bugging me lately.

I don't know why I have so many dreams of myself, dating and falling in love with someone lately when in reality, I don't even have a boyfriend! 

Maybe it's a sign telling me that I should find myself a boyfriend? lol can't imagine that!

Somehow, I wish to keep having this kind of dreams. They're kind of mysterious.........and addicting! Hahaha lol!! Bang the wall please!


  1. Hi, wah..really influenced by k-pops and k-dramas, in a positive way..

    May your dream come true (as for reason #3)..

  2. Hahah! Hello nohas! I'm surprised that you're still reading my blog. I though nobody reads anymore since I haven't update it for a long time. Thanks for reading!


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