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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheers to all 2009 F5 students who finished their SPM.

I hang out with my friends today. What fun~!
We watched a movie - A Christmas Carol....

Had some lunch...(I will not forget that restaurant...its so expensive and I ate until my stomach gonna burst...the serving is too big)

And......we went shopping!!!
We walked through the whole mall and bought each other presents.
I can't believe that I spent RM58.50 today.
Whoa...thats too much...
But I don't mind. ^^
I like my present!!!

After that, I had another round of shopping with my family.
I bought 2 shirts, a jacket, and a pair of hair clip.
I love everything I bought today including my present!

Oh ya...there is a rather good looking guy working at mahkota tropicana life. XD
He has brown eyes~ LOL

Err...ahaa...Super Junior is going to release their new sorry sorry mv tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to it!
I like their dance so neat and nice!
I hope that mv will not let me down.
Love them~~~

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