Who is Death?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It was a sad day. It was suppose to be a happy day(my birthday) but everyone is sad because something bad happened. Hz......When I received the news my heart sunkened but I only managed to shed a tear. My sister and my mum almost flooded the whole house with tears. (Ahhh!!!!)

I was thinking why I did not cry when something like that happened. Maybe I was borned with a stone heart. (I am heartless~)

Today, I attended the funeral and when I looked at the picture of my uncle.......I cried. Tears just flow down steadily. When I looked at his picture, he was smiling so peacefully back at us as if telling us not to worry about him anymore. That picture made me feel so regretful. Of course I stopped crying after that.

Something pop out of my mind. What will happen to us when we die? Does heaven and hell really exist? If heaven does really exist, what will it look like? I imagined heaven to be full of beautiful flowers...

with a beautiful lake and trees surrounding it...

Uhmm....it does not sound very nice is it?
Well...I'm not that good at imaginations.

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