kpop newcomer, Ailee

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi guys, I'm so excited to share with you guys my new found gem.

She is Leon Entertainment's newly debuted solo singer, Ailee. An America-born-korean(I guess so since she looks like a korean) from New Jersey, America, she was discovered through Youtube and later debuted in Korea.

Ailee is the hottest newcomer of kpop entertainment in 2012 that everyone is looking forward to. She is starred in the famous KBS drama series "Dream High 2" even before her official debut.

Here's a music video of her debut song.


I was immediately stunned by her awesomely powerful vocals the moment I listened to it and fell in love with it.

Actually, she looks like Luna from f(x), voice sounds a little like her too.... and have a strong vocal that is almost on a par with Charice. Well, almost. Ok......maybe not. On par with Davichi maybe?

*If you don't remember who is Charice, she is the girl who sing that popular song - "Pyramid".

Have you watch Ailee's mv? Do you notice something? That guy in long straight hair......does he reminds you of......

*cough* I don't mean to be rude but......errr.........he really does. The only difference is his straight hair. XD

Oh, Jesus!

Live performance?

One word. Awesome.

I hope she can continue to produce some good songs like this one.


  1. Hey, the one in yellow dress is not Ailee. She's Kang So Ra, the main actress in the Dream High 2. By the way I love Ailee too. <3

  2. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I often got mixed up because koreans tend to have similar faces. Yeah, she's great. =D


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