Support the banning of turtle eggs consumption in Malaysia

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Turtle is one of the world's many endangered species that might face extinction within years if preservations are not done immediately from now. These reptiles are known for their longevity and swam great distances. Only once a year, they will come to shore to nest.

There are four species of marine turtles found in Malaysia. They are Leatherback turtle, Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle and Olive ridley turtle.

Sadly, the appearance of these turtles at the Malaysia shore is getting lesser and lesser. Over the last 30 years, turtle nestlings have dwindled by as much as 60%.

What causes the extinction of turtles?

1.) Habitat degradation and destruction.

2.) Incidental and direct capture of turtles.


A sea turtle killed by a fishing line.


Turtles killed for their shells and flesh.

3.) Consumption and trade of turtle eggs.

Why humans eat turtle eggs?

Myth: Turtle eggs are believed to provide fertility and serve as an aphrodisiac. Some believe that these eggs provide a nutritious diet.

What scientists say: Turtle eggs contain high amount of cholesterol. One turtle egg contains the same amount of cholesterol as 20 chicken eggs. Besides, the nutritional value is only 50% of a chicken egg, which is a contrary of the believe.

As you can see, the extinction of turtles are mainly caused by human cruelty, if not, indirectly.
Cruel acts such as killing of turtles and turtle eggs consumption should be banned completely.

Back in 2010, WWF Malaysia launched an advocacy campaign for turtles with the title "Egg=Life". Although the title is short but it is straight forward and simple enough for anyone to understand. The message is clear. Each turtle egg represents a life. And a turtle's life is as precious as our lives.

Now, we are given a chance to play a part in conserving the extinction of turtles and put a stop to the consumption of turtle eggs. WWF has held an online effort to amend Malaysia's law and it is our responsibility to support it. Say NO to turtle eggs consumption and let our words be heard.

Let's show our love for turtles by following a few simple steps.

I'm sorry but the campaign is already over. A big thank you to those who supported it!

1.) Click on the link below:

I support the ban of turtle eggs consumption!

2.) Click on the "PLEDGE"button.
3.) Share it with your friends and family who are concerned about preserving wildlife animals.

You're done! It's that simple!

If you're interested to lend a helping hand, WWF do provide internship and volunteering services.

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