Mid 2012 kpop rookie singer: Juniel

Thursday, June 14, 2012

想念着茫茫人海中的那一个微笑。 =)


I haven't been listening to any kpop songs for quite sometime and was rather outdated already since allkpop constantly have their readers updated everyday and I don't have the time to read all the articles posted there. Anyway, the point is.....I haven't been updating myself with kpop songs until just recently, a few days ago, I found this!

By korean rookie singer, Juniel.

This one is a duet with C.N.Blue's Yong Hwa. This song is so sweet and relaxing! Love this!

This song is not bad either. Another of my favourite from her album.

Although just a rookie, both of her songs have topping various k-charts. A good start I should say.
If you have listen to her songs, you would realise that her voice sounds like IU and their styles are similar. So you can now start to imagine the fan war(not another again) between IU's fan and Juniel's calling the idols copycats. Actually I have fun reading those comments written by the fans arguing who is better. I know IU is a kpop legend for conquering the kpop industry with her powerful and soothing voice at a young age but honestly, I have never like any of her songs. I just don't like the style. Juniel might not have equally powerful voice like IU but she has her own style so she is in no position to be compared to IU. Both of them are just similar but different. I like Juniel's acoustic ballad style which is always my favourite style of songs. So I hope Juniel will continue to shine(I have a feeling she will no matter how much IU's fan hate her) with this style.

Wow, here I have two 2012 favourite kpop rookie singers Ailee and Juniel. Hmm....I wonder who else will be included in this list? Anyway, my number one favourite singer is still Taeyeon.

Oh yeah! I heard that SNSD is releasing their new music video "Paparazzi" on Youtube today. Do check it out.

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