June's Surprises

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hi guys! I'm finally back at home where the internet connection is at a normal rate. Home sweet home.... My hostel's wifi connection is always going at a slowpoke rate that it gives me high blood pressure. Believe me when I described it as a slowpoke. It's so...so........sloooow that the only page I can load is this:

Google Homepage!  -.-''

See how slow it is?!! *Ah.....my blood pressure!* lol

With this kind of slow rate, I've decided to update my blog only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So don't visit my blog during the weekdays, got upset and ask....

Hahaha! Ok......enough nonsense already.

I realised I haven't been blogging actively for the past few months unlike last time when I used to blog more than 15 posts per month. What were I doing all these while? No idea.....probably busy doing nothing.

Like a boss!

So what makes me want to blog today? Are you excited? I'm excited! lol...


We found these two cute palm-sized kitties at the back of my garden near the washing machine. They're probably less than a week old. Omo......kawaii desu~

Then I clicked on my blog earning tab and.......

It's no longer showing $0.01!!!! 
Yes! Yes! Yes! There's a click from Philippines!! 
OMG! My first click! From Philippines! 

(lol....sound pathetic....but I don't care.)

To the one who clicked on my ads,

Arigato! Kamsamida! 谢谢! Thank you! *hugs* And please come again! XD lol

Sad to say, you've come to the end of today's post. Thanks for reading.




  1. True, it is really frustrating to wait for the site to come on. Same thing with my computer connection, it takes a long while to get it started and another long while to get it connected to the net...:)

  2. Hi, I'm glad that at least somebody understands my feelings at that moment. LOL


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