What happened to my blog traffic?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have been very, very busy for the past few weeks. Still am btw because final exams are coming closer and closer to me in about 10 more days. Finally rushed and completed all my assignments. Phew!! Now, it's time to concentrate on my studies no matter how I hate studying. Gotta force myself ar!! Jiayou~ Gambateh~ Fighting~

(*sigh* It's really hard to concentrate on my studies when I'm still in a holiday mood.)

Jiayou~ Jiayou~ Jiayou~

Then why am I here?

Because I'm forced to save my blog from a devastating crash!

I have been away from my blog for quite some time already since I'm really busy with my school life these few days. The last time I blogged was on the 18th August so I have abandoned my blog for 20 days. I didn't care to check out my blog until yesterday. I was like "OMG! What happened to my blog stats?"

An average of 30 unique visitors was what I thought as a normal rate for my blog and I thought it wouldn't decline any further, right? But my blog stats proved I was wrong. It continues to parachute further down to 20. That is quite a devastating news for me as there was a time when my blog hit a peak at 83 unique visitors and enjoyed an average of 50 for a certain period of time.

I know blog statistics doesn't increase steadily(especially for lazy bloggers like me). There's always ups and downs, just like our life.  It's pretty impossible to live a happy life forever, yet we can't stand living a bad, devastated life either.

It's hard to maintain the optimum blog traffic especially when you're occupied with stuffs other than blogging. Ironically, those busy moments were also the times when I had the most ideas for blogging. When I'm free, my mind goes blank. Oh why brain, why?

I definitely don't want to watch my blog statistics head to the ground so I'm forced to sacrifice some of my precious study time to blog.

Obviously, this event has lead me into doing more research on how to maintain a blog traffic so here are some good tips I found from the internet.

How to maintain blog traffic:

Blog consistently
2 to 3 posts per week should be enough to maintain your blog traffic and keep your followers updated. Failing to do so might risk you a potential follower as readers are more likely to lose interest on your blog rather quickly. If you are looking for ways to optimize traffic, try writing an entry per day.

Prepare backup post entries
There will be days when you are so busy or don't feel like blogging at all. There will also be days when you have so many ideas to blog about that you don't know where to start from. That is the time when you should pen down these ideas and start writing some backup entries so that your blog will not face any post crisis when you don't have the time to blog.

Make use of social medias
Both Twitter and Facebook are the best ways to spread your articles and increase blog traffic even during hectic times. Sharing service such as Twitterfeed is a quick and easy way to share your posts without much hassle.

Okay, basically these are the 3 main ideas that I think are important for anyone who wished to achieve a desirable blog stats. They are also a great way to boost your blog traffic if used strategically.

p.s: Vietnam trip posts coming soon after my final~ Please look forward to it!!!


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