Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lying on the bed until the clock strikes 12 midnight. I was unable to sleep last night.

Its been 5 months since the last day I left my friends and studies in Sunway University for good. I didn't get to complete the A-level course that I've studied for 9 months. I wonder what people would think of me. To them I'll always be the girl who dropped A-levels just before AS exam. I could be easily taken for the girl-who-couldn't-cope-with-stress or girl-loves-to-waste-parents-money. Hmmm......yeah, whatever it is. The past is not what I'm concern about anymore but the future that lays ahead of me.

I've finally decided to study at a university in my hometown. I took foundation in management which will later on lead me to an accounting career.

I've ponder long and hard enough, wondering if I've made the right choice. Accounting is something I've no idea about. Some people told me:" it's a piece of cake." " It's nothing compared to studying to become a doctor or a pharmacist." But what if I don't like what I was studying? What if?! I don't want to regret for the rest of my life, would you?

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