So, July is here....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dear i-diary,

Life has been pretty much the same lately. Boring lectures, meeting random people, here and there, completing tutorials and, of course, assignments. *yawnage*

Midterms are around the corner and assignment deadlines aren't far either. That means I will not be able to update my blog that often anymore but I'll try my best to update whenever I can and make them worth reading. Yeah....try. my. best. lol~

Anyway, I've just set up a new blog and am working on it but it is scheduled to launch only at the end of December or maybe next year. Yeah....that'll be my second blog apart from this. I'm so excited!
This blog has been buried here for such a long time that I'm worried it might not even have the chance to see the light anymore. Haha...I'm exaggerating. This blog is getting a silver lining already. I hope it'll get to see the bright shining sun soon.

Not much to write about today. I'm still working on the Lone Wolf book review. It has been in my draft box for toooooo long. Hopefully I can post that review by the end of this week.

That's all I guess. 


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