Taeyeon - Devil's cry

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I was kinda buried by piles and mountains of assignments for the past few weeks but it's all just my own fault. Last minute work again. *sigh*

Chinese New Year is around the corner. Say "WooHoo?"
I'll shout a big "NO!" this time.


Final exam starts the week after Chinese New Year. That means CNY week = study week. Like WTH?! I haven't even started anything yet. *sigh* This year's CNY is gonna be a torturous week I guess and did I mentioned? MUET is around the corner as well. OMG! C'mon! I need a break!

Well, whatever it is, I'm still gonna enjoy my new year. It's the time to rock and roll! I don't care! Woohoo~~~

Exams, step aside. I bet I can somehow conquer you with my special last minute ability.(wth am I talking about?)

MUET, you step aside too. I don't know why I'm afraid of you(probably because of lack of practice...) but I'm pretty confident that I can get at least band 3. Yeah......I'll bang my head on the wall if I don't. Well, how worse can I get if I managed to grab an A1 in 1119? *bragging.....XD*
Actually I didn't expect to get an A1 as I had chosen a pretty boring topic "Your favourite day of the week" and wrote pretty plainly. LOL! Don't ask me what I wrote. It was too boring to remember.

If I were given the same essay topic again, I would choose Friday, a day to chill, relax, do nothing, throw my books all over my room and shout "I DON'T CARE!!!!"

Nah......who am I joking?

Actually the main purpose of this post is to share a video of my favourite SNSD member, Taeyeon singing Run Devil Run's intro.

She totally rocked it!!

Today is gonna be the last day of me dealing with assignments and I'm gonna rock Celcius ktv with this song. LOL! No chance. That karaoke doesn't have any Taeyeon songs. *sobs*

If there is, I would sing all of Taeyeon's OST songs. What a big fan I am of her.

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