The 2012 new year celebration

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This picture was posted on Facebook on the New Year Eve, the day I received my new phone. =D
It was also my first ever mobile uploaded picture.(nothing else to brag about. LOL!)
My new phone is awesome!

My sister commented: "Why is there so many likes for this picture. I don't see anything special about it."
True. Nothing special. I don't even know why myself.
Within hours, this picture had garnered more than 10 likes.
Maybe everyone was too hyped for the new year celebration.

This year, instead of joining the crowd, we decided to celebrate new year at home playing asshole Big 2 or what we call asshole 'cho dai di'. We played it like how Big 2 is played except that new rules are added. The two losers will be called asshole and vice asshole and they're required to hand out their two best cards to the two winners and receive two lousy cards from them as well. So basically, if you become an asshole in the first round of the game, the probability of being an asshole for the rest of the round will be higher.

I was the asshole and look! What lousy cards I got.......but I won the game and became the winner. Woohoo~~~

Oh ya.......another new rule. The asshole is required to gulp down a glass of wine.

Awesome!!! =D

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