Meet my doppelganger

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Know what is a doppelganger? 

According to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia,

 A doppelganger is someone that looks exactly like another person — most commonly an "evil twin." In some folklore, a doppelganger that is seen by a person's friends or family means the person will have illness or is in danger, while seeing your own doppelgänger means you will likely die. Some mythology offer more magic explanations, where the doppelganger is created by some kind of curse or through magic. These doppelgängers are usually, but not always, bad in some way.

I remembered watching music bank with my family months ago and when I saw this guy, I was like "Oh my gosh, he looks like a girl."

Sister: "Yeah.......looks like you."

*looks at mum and dad*

Mum & dad: *nods*


So who is that guy? Let's meet my doppelganger. (the male version of me.....LOL!)

A guy or a girl?

It's C.N.Blue's Lee Jung Shin.

Let's look at a picture of myself.

Let's compare.

Saw the similarity? Do we look alike?
Well, I don't think so but that's just my opinion.
I asked 5 people and all of them nod their heads in agreement.

HOW CAN??!!!

I don't want to look like a guy! Duh.....

I want to look like her....

Or someone better.

Thank god my hair is now longer and with bangs.

I guess i don't look like him anymore. Do I?

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