2012 MAMA in Hong Kong

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sacrificed my study time yesterday, all thanks to MAMA.
What is MAMA?
MAMA is not mum. =="
MAMA simply means Mnet Asian Music Awards.

MAMA is one of the major k-pop music award ceremonies held annually in asia. It was held in Singapore last year; Hongkong this year.

Well, I'm not really complaining that MAMA is a waste of time because it's not at all. As expected, the stage props, sound system, lighting, and stage performances were awesome!

Adam Lambert's special performance was great. Bigbang was as awesome as always, and PSY, as expected, did his famous horse dance on stage and sang like a king. OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!
Guys dressed smartly; girls dressed beautifully. Each and everyone who received an award totally deserves the title.

Ailee won her deserved title as the Best New Female Artist 2012. Awesome!

I'm so happy that Davichi won the title of Best Vocal Performance - Group. Beautiful women with powerful vocals. As a fan, I'm so proud of them!

And then I spotted something peculiar. Joker, Two-face and Bane from Batman attended too. LOL! Was there some kind of cosplay going on?

My sister kept telling me that they're Bigbang members. She said:" They even went up stage to collect their award la!". G-Dragon was dressed as Joker, Daesung as Two-face and Bane is............U WANT TO SAY THAT'S TAEYANG?? IT'S IMPOSSIBLE HE GOT TALLER AND FATTER!! Though I thought Two-face really looks like Daesung. Haha.... Then what about TOP and Seungri? Where are they?

I was almost conned into thinking Joker and Two-face are Bigbang members but Bane........impossible la.....

I kept wondering what group is this and couldn't really figure it out until they went up on stage again to collect another award. They were EPIK HIGH! No wonder la there were only three people.

Epik High won an award too for Best Rap Performance.

The overall award ceremony was great but I must say......no matter how awesome it was, I shouldn't have watched it all. I shouldn't have. I should be studying instead. Now, I'm left regretting and wondering how I'm going to face my exam tomorrow. *sigh*

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  1. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Watch the full coverage of MAMA at http://filebook.com.ph


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