Accepted by MMU

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Woohoo~ I got accepted by MMU. My university life is going to start soon. 29 May 2011 marks the end of my stupid-boring-nothing-to-do life at home. I'm looking forward to it right now.

It's compulsory to wear formal throughout the orientation week so that means I have to start looking for formal dresses. I was reluctant to accept the fact at first but if it's made compulsory then there must be a reason for it. I better look good in it.

I wonder how many people is in my batch this year. Last year's record was 500. So I guess it should be around 500.

I'm so excited about meeting new friends. I wonder what kind of people I'll meet. I was drown in total boredom because none of my friends are available to hang out with me. All of them were too busy with their studies.

Besides, I'll be staying away from home. Away for the nagging.

Hmm.... let me count. 19 days more to freedom! :)

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