Does korean idols study?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

If you're not a k-pop fan, you've probably heard of SNSD or Girl's Generation. It's a group that has nine members and blah~ blah~ blah~~~

It was until now that I'm aware about their age. Their age gap was between 20 to 22. That means all of them should be still studying in university.

With their popularity and hectic schedule, I wonder how are they suppose to study?

My guess is they must be constantly skipping classes. With all the busy schedule, I believe their grades are .. erm... just average? Or even worst? These girls can't even get to enjoy their university life!

Sorry...I'm just using SNSD as an example since they're very popular right now.
By the way, they're currently promoting their new album.
You can view it here.

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