The Harmony Silk Factory review

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Finally finished reading the book, The Harmony Silk Factory.

This story, moves in a slow pace, is set in Malaya (now known as Malaysia). It tells the story of Johnny Lim, textile merchant, petty crook and inventor of the Amazing Toddy Machine, and his marriage to the beautiful Snow Soong.

In 1940, with the Japanese about to invade Malaysia, Johnny and Snow embark on their honeymoon to the mysterious Seven Maiden Islands, accompanied by a mercurial Japanese professor and Petter Wormwood, an Englishman adrift. Many years later, Wormwood looks back on this defining journey, while Snow's son goes in search of the truth of his mother and the infamous Chinese man he married.

The story is delivery in a unique way through three characters : Snow's son, Snow(through her diary) and Peter Wormwood. The most interesting of all I should say is Peter's.

Although set in Malaya with the Japanese about to invade, there's nothing much said about the war.

I wouldn't say this is the best story I've read so far. It's nice but certainly not my favourite.
My favourite books so far would be The Rice Mother, My Sister's Keeper, The Hobbit and The Bondmaid.

I'm currently reading The Lighthouse Keeper. Still halfway through though so can't say much about it. So far so good. Many tragedies happened it seems.

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