My last final exam in foundation

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just came back from the exam after accounting exam.
Instead of feeling relieved or the kind of I-don't-care feeling, I felt guilty instead.

Day before exam:
AHH!!!! Fever attack!!!!! I feel so sleepy~~~ No mood to study accounting at all. T^T
So I slept the whole afternoon like a boss.

8.00pm - Wah! 7 chapters to revise?! Chiong ah!!!!!!!!
10.30pm - Yay! 2 chapters left! Hmm.....should I study chapter 7 or 11? *flip through chapter 11 notes* I don't think it really important. I guess i'll just study chapter 7 and call it a day. (abandon chapter 11 notes)
12.00am - Argh! My eyes are swelling. I can't stand it anymore. I need some rest. Goodnight!

During exam:

Why chapter 11? Why? ROAR!!!!! 

After exam(now):
Guilty, guilty! What should I do? Macroeconomics paper is busted. Accounting paper is busted too.

All I can do is to keep reminding myself that it's just foundation. No worries. No fret.

Let's just ditch the past.
Exams are gonna be over real soon. Yahoo!!!
I've actually made quite some plans to keep myself occupied during my 2 weeks holidays although the exams aren't over yet. LOL! I guess this is human's nature. More plans coming up after my last English exam paper tomorrow. I'll be singing the troll song tomorrow all the way out from the exam hall to my hostel. Trolololololololol~~~~

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