Anyeong! Just came back from mathematics exam today. Guess what? I felt devastated after that. :(

Before exam:
Gosh! Why are all these people doing maths practice while eating lunch or during english and accounting class? Exam starts at 8pm dudes and it's just a mid-term exam. Gosh! These people are crazy.....damn kiasu la!

After exam:
T^T~~~I regretted for not doing any practice at all. This is the first time I felt like giving up during maths exam. Why la~ I didn't expect the questions to be so complicated. Ended up I couldn't solve quite some questions and these questions carry quite a lot of marks. *sigh* (..........) Or is it that I've forgotten the feeling that I'll get after every maths exam? What hit me was many people started to left 15 minutes before time's up. How can they finished that fast??

Whatever it is, I glad that the exams are over. I should go get some chill pills. *ahem* you know what are my chill pills? *ahem* It's a secret. LOL! Fyi, it's not a pill and I can get it through facebook. Hahaha! Get it? Geddit? Music is one of my chill pills too. Anyway, I don't think you get what I'm trying to say. LOL! XD

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