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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ahh....it's time to pack my things again. I'm going back to my hostel(the cage) tomorrow where there isn't any internet connection. Actually there's connection but it's useless. Connected= not connected. So why bother to connect anyway? It will only raise my blood pressure.

Anyway, there's no time for Facebook or anything else as accounting and maths mid-term exam is coming soon....very soon. Wednesday is accounting and Thursday will be maths. I haven't studying anything for maths as I've faith in it. Last minute study should be enough(I really hope so~). What I'm concern about is accounting. @_@?? Accounting~~~@o@. I see stars~~ Hahaha! I'm really afraid that I won't have enough time to finish it. Although I still don't know much about accounting but I'm starting to find it interesting. Accounting can be fun too. Maybe this is a good start?

Woohoo~ I just finished economics online test. Jjang!! Hehehe.....100%! How I wish that's the result for my mid-term exam or final exam. That would be great!! Hahaha....I'm so greedy. I would be surprised if I didn't get 100% for the online test as it's just 9 objective questions. It's unforgivable for someone who had studied economics before especially if it's a test on a simple topic.

Gosh! It seems like I've said something foolish in my facebook chat. What a fool I am.

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