What if?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

In the late night, lying on my bed sleeplessly, I used to think about a lot of what if(s).

What if I was born in a poor family? Will I still lead a life like what I'm living now? What kind of people will I meet? Will I still get to know all the friends that I've met in present? I would've probably be at some hawker stall helping my parents to sell food.

I used to think that if Im born with a pretty face, a beautiful voice and intelligent, I'm gonna make people go in awe and jealous of me. Maybe because of that, I may become a bitch or a superstar. LOL

If I'm a genius, I wouldn't have to worry about my studies or future. I would be in somewhere else in this world....in America or United Kingdom. Maybe I'd be studying in Harvard University and get head hunted by some high ranking company.

But if I wasn't that lucky to be born with complete hands and legs, I don't know what I'll become. I couldn't imagine myself handicapped. That's very sad.

If I'm born deaf, it'll still be okay for me as long as I can see, walk and talk. The sad part is that I'll never get to enjoy music.

But if I'm born blind, that will be the worst for me. All I could see is darkness. I wouldn't have had the joy to enjoy the sight of nature, to know how the people I met look like. All I could do is rely on a stick and senses whenever I go.

There are so many what if(s). If I'd refused to leave and sticked to Sunway College, I would've graduated from A-levels and doing part-time job while waiting for some university offer. If I'd chosen other university instead of MMU. If I'd chosen to study something else instead of foundation in management, I wouldn't have met those people in MMU. What if I didn't woke up from my sleep?(Choi! Choi! Choi! Touch wood! Hahaha!)

What if....what if. *sigh*

Actually I did wonder what I've dreamt while I was unconscious. I knew very well that I had a dream. I'm certain of it but I just could remember. A very long dream indeed. How I wish I can remember that dream. I wonder what did I dreamed? Hahaha! I'll never know.

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