Economics mid-term exam

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hahaha! Just came back from exam hall after economics mid-term exam.

It was okay. The questions were what I've expected(that's because I studied economics before....hehehehe~) and that's why I think it's quite easy even though there are some tricky questions.

I finished 10 minutes before time's up and started looking around and that's when I started to feel worried about my answers. When I looked left, I saw the girl's answer sheet was fully filled with words. Same goes to the girl at my right side. I looked at my paper and was like ''Oh sh*t! Did I left out something?''. My answers were really short, not more than half of the paper. So, I quickly read through the questions again just incase I missed out any and recheck my answers again but found out everything was just fine. My answers were all straight to the point and I've written down all that's required(err.....I think so....Hahhaha!). I hope that all the answers I've written were correct.

What I'm most worried about is accounting exam. OMG! Accounting!!! I don't know how!!! =_= (.......) May god bless me for accounting. LOL!

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