A dark lift

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yay! Mid-term exams are over. I'm free already? Nah....not at all. It's all back to assignments, assignments and assignments. ZZZZzzzz......

I was caught in a pitch black lift last Thursday.....all alone. O_O (well, not exactly got caught in)

It was 7.50am and I was rather late for class that day so I opted for the lift instead of the staircase(I'm staying in the 5th floor and am lazy LOL). So the lift came and stupid of me, I didn't realised that the light in the lift didn't lit up when I entered the lift until when the door was about to close up. Too late! Omg! There isn't a single light in the lift. It's totally pitch black and damn freaking scary. All I did was praying. I prayed that the lift wouldn't stopped half way and got jammed. I don't want to get stuck in a pitch black lift all alone for hours. I prayed too that there's nothing else in the lift. You know.......spirits...(hungry ghost festival is around the corner!!)

Finally, the lift reached the ground floor and I quickly dashed out even before the door opened fully. There was a few people waiting for the lift and I guessed that they're shocked by the look of their expression. They must have thought the lift was empty and suddenly out of nowhere somebody darted out. =_= LOL!

2 months has passed. Happy? I don't know. Time passed really fast.

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